Vision, ambition, mission
IHC Merwede Group develops and builds for the dredging and offshore sectors, serving projects that safeguard the sustainable survival of the planet. That future is determined by a number of factors: security, economic stability, resources of raw materials and logistical possibilities. That is the backdrop for IHC Merwede operations. We are an indispensable link in the supply chain for energy and logistics involving projects that make it possible to protect the world's environment.

IHC Merwede Group is active in two main markets:
the dredging & mining market, and the offshore & marine market. We develop and build dredging and offshore working vessels, combining and integrating systems and equipment as and when that is needed. IHC Merwede also operates in the cruiseship- and ferry market, and in the foundation market. IHC Merwede is ambitious: we aim to use our specific knowledge and expertise to become the world leader in our fields of activity.

Corporate Profile
IHC Merwede is a Group of Shipyards, specialised in complex working vessels, originating from the Netherlands. IHC Merwede is a technology innovator. Thus, we aim to lead the way in the development of new technology. This results in innovative products and equipment that in its turn inspires new, unique working vessels. IHC Merwede is a technology concern. We provide the facilities to ensure that our clients' equipment will have a long and successful life. This is a long-term service that allows us to build up enduring partnerships with the same clients over many years. The IHC Merwede products are of vital importance for clients' operations. We deal with major dredging contractors, oil and gas concerns, offshore contractors (based on land or offshore) and government authorities. The company employs about 2,800 people at its production locations in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Kinderdijk, Krimpen aan den IJssel, Sliedrecht, Apeldoorn, Delfgauw, Goes, Hendrik-ido-Ambacht and Heusden. The company also has operations in China, Houston and Wayne (USA), India, the Middle East, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.


Product development and innovation

Innovation at IHC Merwede takes place at three levels: the product, system and process levels. We devote between three and four percent of turnover to innovation. Where necessary, we enter into partnerships. Subject matter expertise is developed and safeguarded in many places in the company every day. MTI has a special position here, acting as the IHC Merwede knowledge centre, in particular for the dredging and mining sector. IHC Merwede innovations include projects with important social and environmental objectives: decreasing fuel consumption and noise pollution, reducing NOx and SOx emissions, forms of sustainable dredging, environmentally friendly drilling and the creation of a safe working environment for the crews. Innovation and sustainability often go hand in hand. The development and implementation of innovative technologies is a way of making our own contribution to socially responsible business.

Oil pollution control equipment
Diesel Engines & Gensets
Counterfire - Fire Fighting Systems
Dredgers & Offshore Vessels
High Pressure Jetting Units
Hydraulic / Electric Winches & Anchors
Steel Wire Ropes
Land Sewage Treatment Plant
Fenders, Buoys & Bollards
Marine Sewage Treatment Units
Marine Cranes
Marine Fendering
Cathodic Protection System
Propulsion System & Z-Drives
Steering Gear Systems
Ice Machines
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