This is the attitude at every level of the Bezemer organisation.
The enthusiasm, commitment and responsibility of the Bezemer personnel is reflected in the low work-force turnover which in turn, gives Bezemer a solid and reliable base for their world wide operations.
Bezemer remains a family company, founded in the late 1940s, now in its third generation. By retaining independence the Bezemer organisation demonstrates the same strengths and quality of service which has been its hallmark since its inception.
Trading mostly on its reputation and assembling a wealth experience and knowlegde, the company has grown to become a vital support for, and a respected partner of many companies engaged in major projects.




Oil pollution control equipment
Diesel Engines & Gensets
Counterfire - Fire Fighting Systems
Dredgers & Offshore Vessels
High Pressure Jetting Units
Hydraulic / Electric Winches & Anchors
Steel Wire Ropes
Land Sewage Treatment Plant
Fenders, Buoys & Bollards
Marine Sewage Treatment Units
Marine Cranes
Marine Fendering
Cathodic Protection System
Propulsion System & Z-Drives
Steering Gear Systems
Ice Machines
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