40 Years Experience
Aqua-Guard develops comprehensive and cost effective solutions that mitigate the financial and environmental risks associated with oil spills. The company’s state-of-the-art skimmers, containment booms and rapid deployment systems have been used to clean-up some of the worst environmental disasters in recent history. As long as the world depends on petroleum products the risk of oil spills remain. Aqua-Guard will continue to be at the forefront of technology.

Complete Solutions
Aqua-Guard is a total solutions provider. The company’s team of experts will work closely with you to determine the scope of your needs and to evaluate all options that will guarantee a fully customized solution. Everything is taken into consideration, from local environmental laws to optimizing your return on investment. Maintenance programs, training packages and audit services are available for all solutions.

Proven Effective Technology
Aqua-Guard designs and manufactures the best available oil spill containment, recovery and transfer equipment in the world from its Canadian headquarters in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Partnerships with ISO authorized manufacturers throughout North America, the Middle East and Asia allow Aqua-Guard to offer quality fabrication and assembly closer to the delivery destination.




Oil pollution control equipment
Diesel Engines & Gensets
Counterfire - Fire Fighting Systems
Dredgers & Offshore Vessels
High Pressure Jetting Units
Hydraulic / Electric Winches & Anchors
Steel Wire Ropes
Land Sewage Treatment Plant
Fenders, Buoys & Bollards
Marine Sewage Treatment Units
Marine Cranes
Marine Fendering
Cathodic Protection System
Propulsion System & Z-Drives
Steering Gear Systems
Ice Machines
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